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Teeth Extractions

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Dental extraction in Boone
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Tooth extraction means removing a tooth.  There are actually several reasons why an extraction may be needed. Sometimes a tooth simply cannot be fixed due to advanced decay or part of the tooth has broken. At other times, teeth may be cracked or impacted. For some orthodontic patients, overcrowding is an issue so some teeth need to be removed to allow for orthodontic movement. Lose teeth are also sometimes extracted to prevent infection or if the patient is required to have dentures. Simple teeth extractions are a common procedure and are performed under local anesthesia, although more complex extractions may be referred to an oral surgeon, such as wisdom teeth for example. Waldrep Family Dentistry understands that tooth extractions can be a frightening experience to some patients, so that's why we're here to answer any questions you have before or after treatment. Simply call or e-mail us today.


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