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When it comes to your general dentistry requirements, Waldrep Family Dentistry is ready to serve you. Preserving and protecting your teeth and gums are of vital importance to your overall health. That's why our office provides patient information that is specific to your particular dental needs. Regardless of what stage of life, we have the tools you need to ensure that your dental health is as optimal as it can be. Whether you're coming in for general dental cleaning, tooth fillings or other types of oral care, we are ready to address your concerns in a relaxing environment. With convenient office hours and flexible appointment scheduling, Waldrep Family Dentistry is the dental office to turn to when you need dependable oral care in Boone, NC, so contact us today.


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General Dentistry Services

There are a number of general dentistry services available here. For instance, there are dental cleanings and teeth sealants that are designed to help you avoid cavities by minimizing plaque buildup. Plus, for those times when even brushing isn’t enough and you find yourself with tooth decay, there are also tooth fillings available. In addition, for people who are active in sports or if they find themselves grinding their teeth at night there are custom mouthguards and night guards available. Furthermore, our diagnostic equipment includes innovations as digital x-rays, which uses 90% less radiation than conventional films, and paperless charting that’s securely shared among our office as well as your other health care providers when necessary. The choice is easy when you need general dentistry – simply contact us at Waldrep Dentistry.